Video footage of Sunday’s first race.

Here’s some video footage showing the start and end of the first race on Sunday taken by Richard Mansfield.

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Thursday Evening Pictures June 2017

Some pictures from Thursday evening sailing, taken by new member Graham Edwards

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Lovely sunny day at Colemere, 18th June 2017

From Tim Rouse
Very light winds at Colemere this Sunday.
Chris Marshall was out in the Pico’s with his wife Ann and two children Rebecca and Helen.
Also out for the first time in their GP 14 were new members Andrew and Debora.
Races were dominated by Hugh and Nick with Nick winning both Races.
Here are a few pictures from a lovely sunny day at Colemere on Sunday 18th June.
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Memories of Stephen Corcoran 1937-2017

It was sad to hear about the recent death of Stephen. Stephen and Jennifer Corcoran joined the Club around 20 years ago, I think it was 1996. He was also Club Treasurer for 6 years (2001-2006). I suspect Stephen was the first club member to sail a fold up boat at Colemere, his Sea Hopper. He later, bought Jim Wilson’s enterprise and sailed it regularly, often singled handed. Occasionally, Stephen would join in races, but more often than not, he really, just enjoyed pottering about the mere.

I was a boatpark neighbour with Stephen. His Enterprise and my Vago are in adjacent spaces. He would often tease me about my crew (or lack of it) and how they would have to be very brave to sail with me ! (I did have a reputation of capsizing.) However there was one occasion, a couple of years ago (he must have been aged 78 ?), when he agreed to crew for me in my Vago. Stephen climbed into the dinghy and settled himself into the crew position. I noticed he placed something into the storage bag at the front of the boat. When I enquired what it was, he said ” Oh, it’s only my heart medication” and then added with a grin “just to be on the safe side”. Our outing on Colemere went very well, no need for any heart medication at all!

Stephen’s Funeral Service is at Holy Trinity Church, Bronington, on Saturday, June 17, 2017, at 11am, followed by Interment in the Churchyard. Details in Shropshire Star.

Below are a few pictures. I particularly like the one of Stephen “in character”. He came as a pirate, for one of the past Fun Regattas.


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Colemere Social Regatta 2017

From Sailing Captain, Helen

What a brilliant day!

It was a little bit on the gusty side but all eleven boats made it out on the water. Mike Brain organised two super races to test our sailing ability.

With water pistols at the ready the frivolity began on the jetty. Pete Williams soaked everyone within a ten metre radius. Emily got a well deserved dunking and Richard Mansfield sported a very fetching bandana.

Race number one was fast and furious. Letters on buoys were dotted around the mere. Nick Blore solved the anagram first and headed swiftly back to shore.

We had to concentrate more for the next race. Our fishing nets scooped up corks whilst water fights added to the merriment. The hooter then signalled the mad dash up the lake to collect a bottle from Matt and Tony in the safety boat.  The wind picked up again and quite a few of us experienced some nasty gybes and wobbles. However, we all came off the water smiling and were thoroughly proud of ourselves.

After drying off we all reassembled in the club house for drinks, a lovely lunch, amazing desserts (Mike’s raspberries were yummy) and a prize giving.

A big ‘THANK YOU’ goes out to everyone who made this day so special.


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Thursday sailing, 1st June 2017

Pictures taken by Captain, Helen (Officer of the day) on her phone during Thursday evening sailing on the 1st of June.

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Pictures from Thursday evening, 18 May.

A Thursday evening sail, some pictures taken by OOD Rob Windsor with his phone.

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A Video starring Tom on windy April day at Colemere

A video shot on 30th April using Tom’s camera on the bow of his Laser. As can be seen on screen, not too many boats out for the second race of the day but the Club Wayfarer helmed by Nick with guest crew Ed, was heavily in contention. Also out sailing were myself in a Laser, Andy in his yellow sailed Pico and Chris in the Club Laser . Quite a windy day, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks also must go to Ellen and Peter for setting great courses and standing by in the safety boat. 

Tom’s original video footage, which lasted about an hour, was edited by myself down to 2 mins 15 secs.



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Sunday 7th May – Pursuit Races

From Martin Cushing

Glorious sailing day for today’s pursuit races, nice sunny conditions and reasonable wind. First race had 12 boats on the water, with a mixture of classes. Ellen & Pete in the miracle was first off and the rest of the fleet chasing after them. Close racing throughout but 4 boats got away at the front, Tom in his laser catching Nick in Matt’s solo and then the two continued battling to the end. Tom winning followed by Nick, Mike in his new laser taking third closely followed by Ryan in the radial.
Second pursuit race started with little wind but they soon got going as the wind filled in, Tom then managed to roll his laser in on the first run, stayed dry though which was a shame, soon caught up with a help of a friendly gust while the others were all drifting slowly, the same 4 then got away with Nick leading most of the race, he then made a mistake when gybing allowing Tom to grab his chance and slip by with only minutes remaining.
Race 3 had a few less entries but they had a good breeze for the race, Tom chased down Nick and took the lead but Mike could not catch the solo and had to settle for third again. Paul in the Vago took fourth and Chris in the club laser, fifth. 
I think Paul realised Ryan had not capsized all day so seized his chance to make a play for the swimming trophy, capsizing after the race with a nice graceful back flip while the boat went over….
Hopefully next weekend will give us the same sailing conditions

Martin (OOD for the day)

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A Windy Sunday in April at Colemere

From Martin Cushing

Well Sunday’s sailing was certainly interesting, you know it is windy on Colemere when you see the club wafarer (titanic) planing, well done Nick & crew ( sorry forgot your name), they also stayed upright….
Big thank you to the ood team, excellent course for us to have fun in and great job in pulling us out of the water, big thanks to Mike & Hugh who took the second boat out to help, not sure who had the biggest work out, us Sailors or those helping to keep us going.
Found out a few things today also
   1. An Aero is just as difficult to sail downwind in strong wind as it is with no wind.
   2. Getting the boat upright and you back in it is no fun if you wet capsize (hate light boats)
   3. Water in Colemere tastes lousy…

Didn’t have the energy for the next race, so congrats to all those who finished the first one and made it for the second, hope it was as much fun.
Martin “getting too old for this” Cushing

From myself, a short video. I think someone once said “If you never capsize, you’re not really trying“, well, I must have been trying on Sunday, and so too were Martin, Ryan, Chris, Andy and Tom. Nick and his guest crew, Ed can’t have been trying as they were the only ones not to capsize ! Or it might be, they were better sailors ?

If you watch the background, about 17 seconds in, you get a glimpse of Martin taking his first dip!



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