Sorting out the men from the buoys!

For some strange reason (probably due to high winds over winter) many of our racing marks had migrated to one side of the lake. In preparation for some sort of racing that might be able to take place, these needed to be moved to their correct positions.

To sort the old buoys out, two of our “old boys”, Mike Brain and Mike Barrett (using all current Covid related safety precautions) have been dealing with them. In case any of you have forgotten how beautiful Colemere looks, here are a few pictures from Mike Barrett, during operations.

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Thursday sailing 23 July 2020

Some pictures from last Thursdays sailing taken by safety and race officer Brian Johnson. Hopefully, Thursday and Sunday sailing/racing will continue, whilst certain restrictions are still in place.

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Restarting Sailing – but not as we know it !

Hope everyone is well.
Government guidelines and advice are now allowing sailing (I think), with a number of constraints, for people in England.  Different rules apply for those in Wales.
We’ve put together a few guidelines (not necessarily comprehensive) for members who are wanting to take to the water. Please be aware, this is entirely at your own risk and cover from the safety boat is unlikely or possibly run by a single volunteer or volunteers belonging to a single household. Please remember to stay within the limits of your sailing ability
Suggest members arrive in sailing gear or change in the carpark as we are keeping the Clubhouse closed.
Might all seem like a lot or rules but most of it is just common sense and being aware of others. Most important message is “ Be kind and considerate”
Paul Bullock
Colemere Sailing Club
On behalf of the Committee.
Restarting Sailing 
We are all personally accountable for following government guidelines.
Social distancing must be enforced at all times – don’t do anything that breaks this guidance.
Be conservative – stay within the limits of your sailing ability.
General Rules – Most of this is common sense and applicable to most activities now, sailing or not
  • Anyone who is unwell with the symptoms of Covid-19 must not attend the club; 
  • Anyone who has contact with a family or household member who is unwell with the symptoms of Covid-19 must not attend the club for a minimum of 14 days;
  • Everyone to: wash their hands using sanitizing gel after touching common surfaces (padlock, gates etc.) – and always after coughing, sneezing and before and after arriving and leaving the club;
  • Everyone  to cover their mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, and avoid touching their face, nose and eyes;
  • Everyone to keep their distance and avoid being face to face with people outside their household;
  • No sharing of water bottles or food;
  • Allow people to challenge us if anyone feels uncomfortable; but
  • Always be kind and considerate.
Everyone must bring their own hand sanitisers.
Sailing is permitted anytime during the week but no club activities or racing will be held until further notice. Please note there will be no organised safety boat cover and any sailing will be at your own risk. 
  • The club carpark can be used but everyone should ensure strict social distancing;
  • Cars should only be allowed in the car park and nowhere else on site;
  • Keep the entrance barrier at the top of the lane closed;
Club House
  • The club house is closed as social distancing or cleanliness cannot be controlled. If absolutely necessary to use the toilet, make sure to clean door handles, surfaces, stair rails, taps, toilet etc. with your own sanitising wipes/disinfectant.
Launching & Landing Boats
  • Sailors must launch & land their boats on their own (or with help from another member of their own household) and must not receive any help from others;
  • Trolleys must be taken out of the water, when launching a boat, and be placed where they do not get in the way of others;
  • Sailors must wait to launch or land their boats until they can ensure a safe distance between them and another boat of 2m (taking into account that some less experienced sailors might lose control of their boat due to wind conditions).
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Drone Footage of Colemere 1st September 2019

Ryan Cushing took this video recently. Shame that there weren’t a few more boats on the water at the time, but it shows some great views of Colemere. Sailing at the time were Martin Cushing in his Aero, Mike Harris and myself (Paul Bullock), both in our Lasers. 

Not absolutely sure who was in the safety boat starting the race, Ian Ramage, Rowan Davies and Jim Shipp were on duty that day, so it could have been all of them.


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60 Years Celebration Sign on Clubhouse

Anyone who was at the Club last Sunday may have seen the new 60 Years Celebration sign unveiled. It was fastened to the wall after Tom Harris had recently sorted out its production. Very smart!

Although Sunday was a lovely day, the wind was absent, so very little sailing.

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Sunday 30June, gusty wind conditions but sunny

I was on duty today, along with Charles Miller and Andy Laing. The lake was half in wind shadow and the other half was fairly gusty conditions. Quite a few unintentional dips in the mere were taken by the sailors and a few had equipment failures. Of the dozen or so competitors who started the first race only four actually finished. Mike Brain, after suffering a halyard cleat failure on his Solo, helped us out manning the 2nd safety boat. 

Only three brave souls started the second race. The Cushing family, represented by Martin in his Aero and Ryan in his Laser Radial. They were joined by Ian Taylor in his Solo. Unfortunately Ian’s tiller extension came adrift shortly after the start forcing him to head back to the dinghy park. That left father and son to battle it out. After numerous, but skilfully executed, dry capsizes, Ryan decided he had had enough and (I think, reluctantly) retired from the race. That left Martin as victor!

Here are some pictures taken by myself of the day, they don’t really tell the story.

Paul Bullock

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St Martins Cubs and Beavers visit the Club – Monday 17th June

From Mike Brain
Some photos from Monday 17th June when the Club-hosted St. Martins Cubs & Beavers . Everyone had a great time despite the appalling weather conditions.
You can see Ellen & I got very wet!
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Club 60th Anniversary Celebration – Sunday 9th June 2019

Some great pictures of the day, mostly taken by Mike Barrett. Thanks to everyone who helped make the day such a success. Nice to see so many members and past members present. The fly past over Colemere at by the Red Arrows was a bonus.

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Some Pictures from April

Some pictures, from last Thursday 25 April,  taken by myself whilst on duty. Also some pictures taken by Martin Brown during Sunday’s racing (28th April). Martin was on duty with Ellen Dimelow and Pete Williams.

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Start of Sailing 17 March 2019

Some pictures, courtesy of Helen Smith, from the first race of the 2019 sailing season. Helen was on duty with Rob Collins and Tony Crosby.

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