Start of Sailing March 2017

Well, it was a wild start to the sailing season on Sunday. A bit too wild for most, but there were a few who decided to dip their toes in the water. Not put off by the conditions, Rob Windsor was first to show us how it was done ! Closely followed by younger member Ryan Cushing and then his dad, Martin. Myself and Tom were in the fourth boat (and last) on the lake.

Not surprisingly, all four boats capsized at least once during their outings. Ryan said he had lost count how many times he went over, but he was still smiling. It was decided that conditions weren’t really suitable for racing but Helen, Tony and Rob kept us safe by standing by with the safety boats. Apologies that no pictures available for Rob W, Ryan and Martin but Tony sent me some action images taken on his phone from the safety boat, of myself and Tom, during our first capsize recovery of the season. Not sailing, but getting some very useful advice from Brian and Nick, was new member Keith, rigging his boat in preparation for the sailing year.

Meanwhile, in the Clubhouse the log fire was blazing away. A fantastic bring and share lunch, with hot soup, was enjoyed by all. Not exactly sure who did all the work but I know Mike, Shirley, Ellen and Meryl were involved. Thanks to all who helped and brought food for us to share.

After lunch, gluttons for punishment, me and Tom ventured out, briefly. This time, with video camera attached. Edited, highlights are below. Looking forward to many more memorable sails in coming year.


 If the video below seems very poor quality try this link to YouTube. I’m trying to work out why!


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Rigging Party – Sunday 19th March 2017

Rigging Party

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John Styles

Such a shock to learn about the sudden death of Club Member and Treasurer, John Styles. From what I can remember, John joined the Club in 2003 (I think Club Membership and a boat were surprise 60th birthday presents from his family). There were lots of secretive emails at the time, passing between one of his sons and Nick Edmunds. Nick was organising things, on behalf of the Club and I think John’s family were also buying Nick’s Enterprise 14818 from him. In recent years John started to sail a Solo but I think he was most comfortable sailing his blue Enterprise, together with one of his sons. Besides John joining in occasional club racing, he and his wife Pam were great supporters of our social events.

In 2014 John volunteered and was elected Honorary Treasurer, he has been a tremendous asset to the Club. As a retired bank manager, he used his financial and organisational skills to great effect for us.

John’s funeral is on Friday 10th February, details published in Shropshire Star are here.

We will miss the John Styles smile. Our thoughts are with Pam and all the family at this sad time.


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Christmas Party 2016

The Christmas Party this year took place at The Keys in St Martins. A total of 37 of us were in attendance for the three course evening meal. The food and service were excellent although the music got a bit loud at times for some of us old fogies ! Commodore Matt gave us an excellent speech lasting 3 minutes 30 seconds and incorporated a light hearted embarrassing moment for a couple of our younger members. Chris Marshall won the prize for guessing the length of Matt’s speech.

The youth team did a stirling job of selling raffle tickets and the raffle took place when we’d finished our meal. Seemed like everyone won wine or chocolates except me, but it’s not all about winning.

As can be seen in the pictures below, taken by Mike Brain, a good time was had!

Thanks Mike, for pulling the evening together.


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Sailing Club represented at Colemere Christmas Tree Festival

From Clare Harland

Colemere Church is holding a Christmas Tree Festival this December and the Sailing Club has a tree along with a dozen or so other local groups.

The church will be open every weekend in December (except Xmas eve) from 11-4 Saturday & Sunday and refreshments are being served so please drop in and have a look.

Our tree is up (please see pics) thanks to those who have contributed decorations, it looks very nautical!dscf2667dscf2668

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Update on work at Club

From Tom Harris

Another blog update! White done by Ellen and Tim. Black done by Pete and filled in bits by me (Tom)!


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Mike gets to fly over Colemere

From Mike Brain

I had the chance to go flying out of Cosford last week, and took a few of photos of Colemere from the air.
Bit misty, but not too bad, thought they might go well on the blog.



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Work at Club continues – Sunday 23 October 2016

Tom sent me some more pictures showing how the work is progressing. Tom started to sail in the first race on Sunday but the wind conditions didn’t come up to his (very high) standard and he decided that his time was more usefully spent doing a few jobs. Tom did a bit of hedge trimming first. Then after lunch, as the third race was progressing Tom used his artistic skills to colour in some details on the gable end. (Ellen had previously done one coat of white on the background and Pete, another coat.) Pete kept a watchful eye on Tom, the artist at work. I assume he was making sure he “kept in the lines”. Looks great!20161023_16345720161023_162756 20161023_162445


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Work progresses at the Club

Here are some pictures from Tom Harris showing Pete Williams painting after renovation of the gable end. It’s amazing the detail that has been revealed in the plaster work after years of layers of paint were removed. A lot of work has also been done to the woodwork to prevent future water penetration. Well done Pete and his occasional helpers. Work not finished yet, but it looks great. Tom and Pete have also been tidying up some of the overhanging branches between the Clubhouse and dinghy park to allow greater visibility of the boats.20161009_14320220161009_143217




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A couple of interesting YouTube videos featuring Colemere

While sailing the World Wide Web I recently discovered a couple of YouTube videos featuring Colemere and may be of interest to Sailing Club Members.

This one is a link to “Colemere From the Sky” a view over Colemere captured by a drone. If you look closely you can see a couple of dinghies and also the club safety boat.

The second one is a light hearted walk “The Meres of Ellesmere” and features a walk from Ellesmere along the canal past Blakemere to Colemere and back to Ellesmere. If you don’t want to watch the whole video, the brief Colemere section starts at about 2 minutes in.


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