Winter Sailing

From Matt Gilbert

As some of you may know, I find the close season period between January and March a little long to be without a bit of sailing.  As a consequence I have agreed, reluctantly, to help a friend sail his new boat to Antigua over the next few weeks.


“Oofle Dust” is a new Oyster 86, clearly, this is not quite the kind of boat I have become accustomed to but ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ as they say.  The above is a picture of Oofle Dust taken yesterday in Southampton when I was forced to attend a champagne farewell party before the boat departed today for the Canaries where I shall join them in a week’s time for the crossing to Antigua (when I was asked if I would also like to do the first leg, I somehow found a prior engagement which outweighed the ‘lure’ of a watch at 2 am crossing Biscay in January!)

I shall endeavour to send regular updates, but hopefully, if any of you are interested, progress can also be monitored on which should go live in the next few days.



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