Sleeping whilst sailing !

I was sent the picture below, anonymously, with the comment

Please see attached proof that you can also sail a solo whilst asleep!



Coincidentally, when this picture was sent to me, I was on holiday in Greece and someone took my picture. I also look as though I am sleeping !




The sailing wasn’t always as good as it appears in the above picture. Sometimes there was so little wind that¬†I was forced to relax by the pool and drink beer.

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2 comments on “Sleeping whilst sailing !
  1. Matt says:

    I am surprised by the allegation that I was asleep whilst sailing – I will be contacting my solicitor’s.However, if I was asleep, then it merely demonstrates what a brilliant, naturally gifted, sailor I am, because the picture shows a boat that is being skillfully sailed at great speed!

  2. Paul Bullock says:

    I agree with Matt. I think it is very similar to how, in Star Wars, when Obi-Wan Kenobi is teaching Luke Skywalker to use the light sabre, blindfolded.You just need to "feel the force" or "feel the wind" in this case.