2011 Special Race Event

The Special Event for this year was run this weekend, 08/05/2011. It was good to see a mixture of lasers including a radial, Enterprise, Solo and Blaze for the first race. The wind was varying in strength and direction on the gusts which caused a few issues for the competitors!


From the start Hugh in the Solo and Steve in the Blaze got away well, but that said, they then went to the wrong first mark allowing Paul in the radial and Peter in his Solo to take the lead. After chasing Peter down for most of the race Hugh decided to cool down with a swim near the end of the race! Leaving Paul to win in a borrowed Radial rig with Pete 2nd and Hugh 3rd.

The second race was run as a pursuit race with 3 starts. We only had 5 takers as Steve had problems with his mast (too much capsizing in the first race). The Solos, being allegedly the slowest, were away first, followed by Paul in the Radial and then the lasers. Before the start of the race the wind picked up nicely but as the rain came in for the Solo start the wind just disappeared leaving Paul to regret his choice of sail. The wind did eventually fill in again but too little too late for Paul!  Hugh led from start to finish with Pete following on behind. Paul who had been overtaken by Tony was able to move back to 3rd once the wind filled in, but was unable to catch Pete.

There were no takers for the final race so this left Paul, Pete and Hugh with 4 points each so they were all announced as the winner with Tony coming 4th.

I hope everyone enjoyed the event and we may try the Pursuit race again. I would like to thank Graham & Christine Griffiths and Ryan Cushing for their assistance in running the races and suffering in the rain (absolute downpours!!) with me.




Martin Cushing OOD for the event



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