A Very Gusty Thursday

This Thursday I arrived at Colemere to find Hugh, Mike and Peter beavering away fitting the last of the fenders to the new jetties. They look very smart.

The conditions didn’t look too bad and I was looking forward to a nice Thursday evening sail. I was told, however, that they had just experienced a terrific surge of wind and a hailstorm. As we spoke, there was suddenly a massive gust that travelled across the lake. The consensus from the attendees was that it was probably a bit too gusty to race.

Not put off by the conditions, David and John, changed and rigged their RS Vision and set sail. The pictures show the lone sailors enjoying, what appears, a very pleasant Thursday evening potter. I think the pictures are a bit deceptive and it was a lot gustier than it shows.  Can you spot the one where they look as if they are sailing to Colemere Church ? Probably to give thanks for their survival ( no capsizes).


ps Note the very neat reef in the mainsail.

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