A Windy Sunday in April at Colemere

From Martin Cushing

Well Sunday’s sailing was certainly interesting, you know it is windy on Colemere when you see the club wafarer (titanic) planing, well done Nick & crew ( sorry forgot your name), they also stayed upright….
Big thank you to the ood team, excellent course for us to have fun in and great job in pulling us out of the water, big thanks to Mike & Hugh who took the second boat out to help, not sure who had the biggest work out, us Sailors or those helping to keep us going.
Found out a few things today also
   1. An Aero is just as difficult to sail downwind in strong wind as it is with no wind.
   2. Getting the boat upright and you back in it is no fun if you wet capsize (hate light boats)
   3. Water in Colemere tastes lousy…

Didn’t have the energy for the next race, so congrats to all those who finished the first one and made it for the second, hope it was as much fun.
Martin “getting too old for this” Cushing

From myself, a short video. I think someone once said “If you never capsize, you’re not really trying“, well, I must have been trying on Sunday, and so too were Martin, Ryan, Chris, Andy and Tom. Nick and his guest crew, Ed can’t have been trying as they were the only ones not to capsize ! Or it might be, they were better sailors ?

If you watch the background, about 17 seconds in, you get a glimpse of Martin taking his first dip!



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