Another day for Colemere’s ‘Real Men’!

Today started off fine and looking set for a day of fast sailing. Six of Colemere’s finest turned up and duly signed in for the race – Ian and John Styles set off in the rescue boat to set the course – signal for a heavy downpour and setting the club to rights under the veranda. The rain stopped and the beach became the place for the next meeting! Youth prevailed and Tom sailed off, spray flying – using his 4.7 sail. More discussions and Matt lived up to his reputation as a ‘real man’ and sped off – I don’t know what he shouted as he shot past the jetty –it couldn’t have been “help”! Not wanting to miss out on the glory – Hugh, Mike H., Paul and Pete all launched and the race countdown started. Mike H. lost concentration – perhaps blinded by the spray as his son shot past and headed for the shallows. With the wind blasting by this time on shore, he couldn’t get far enough out to get his rudder or tiller down and
stayed waist deep at the side of the lake. Once the others were off, the safety team, Ian and John, set off to help Mike. Ian, being an ex boy scout was ‘prepared’ and dressed for the water, and bravely jumped in and helped to float the boat back to the beach.


Meanwhile the race was running in earnest. Tom was flying ahead with Matt and Hugh in hot pursuit. Paul and Pete were just behind – perhaps making one or two safety moves. The leading three finished the first lap and Pete capsized – sensibly near the beach. After watching him capsize again Matt and Paul decided ‘real men’ could have common sense and retired – but Paul, not wanting to miss out, capsized for the fun of it! That left two in the race – with the safety crew busy – and Ian in the water again with Pete’s boat, I decided to shorten the race. Unfortunately Hugh must have taken my flag as a signal to capsize so that left Tom to be today’s only finisher. Matt, however, I believe, took the honours of the only one to not capsize. “I didn’t want to frolic in the water with Ian” were his exact words.


Surprisingly, no-one wanted another race!


Submitted by Felicity Ramage – who watched from the Race Hut – showing what Colemere’s ‘real women’ are about!

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2 comments on “Another day for Colemere’s ‘Real Men’!
  1. Steven Murphy says:

    We had planned to attend and race, but the 20+mph winds forecast changed my mind – just too much for us in the Ent. Looks like we made a good call! We sailed Saturday 28th Aug, Luke & Wills going "solo" for the first time in one of the Picos. We seemed to have selected the best day for sure.

  2. Tom says:

    Yes it was enough sailing I think! Couldn’t see where I was going at some points because I was blinded by the spray!