Can any Members spare some time to help?

If you’ve been down to the Club lately you might have seen this poster.

If the picture above is not easy to read, it says:-


Can anyone spare some time to help?
  1. Cleaning outside walls, brushing off cobwebs and dirt, scraping off flaking paint etc.
  2. Preparing woodwork- Remove flaking paint, rub down and fill where needed.
  3. Pointing brickwork where required.
  4. Paint masonry white
  5. Paint timber black
  6. Paint metal guttering and downspouts
  7. Paint door on east facing wall
  8. Paint masonry at ground level black
Please select an area you can manage (every little helps)
All paint, brushes, scrapers are in the Bosun’s Locker. Paint tins are labelled.
For more information please ask :-
Tim 07821 542053
Pete 07715 538780
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