Christmas morning

> Something tells me there may be no sailing tomorrow.
>> Happy Christmas!
>> Matt

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6 comments on “Christmas morning
  1. Chris Newman says:

    The wonders of the internet! I have loved reading through your blog, I sailed at Colemere in the ’60/70’s with my parents and sisters and have many fond memories. The club looks and sounds just as great as I remember it!

  2. Paul Bullock says:

    Thanks for the comment Chris. Nice to here from past members. Don’t know if there are others out there also reading our blog? We hope it gives a good insight in the general happenings at the Club and reflects the humour and friendliness of the members.

  3. notacloudinthe says:

    Paul,<div><br></div><div>Do you have Chris' email address. I know him very well and would like to make contact.</div><div><br></div><div>Many thanks</div><div><br></div><div>Steve<br><br></div>

  4. Chris Newman says:

    Steve.It would be good to hear from you, I’m receiving updateds to my e mail but I don’t know whether you will have access to my address. If you don’t prehaps you could leave a message hear on how we may be able to make contact.Chris.

  5. Steven Murphy says:

    Chris, hope that you are well. It would be good to catch up after so many years. Please drop me line using the email address above.RegardsSteve

  6. Steven Murphy says:

    email address (I thought that it would be published with the above post)