Clearance of unknown and unwanted dinghy trailers in the boat park


From Beachmaster, Hugh

The club’s boat park is cluttered with road trailers. In order to clear these trailers, can any member who has a road trailer in the boat park please ensure that the road trailer is under your boat in your allocated boatspace by no later than SATURDAY MARCH 1st. This will be a temporary measure to find out whose trailer is whose. There are a few members who are not able to conform to this request and I have emailed these people separately.

Any trailers still loose on the boat park on SUNDAY MARCH 2nd. WILL BE SOLD or otherwise disposed of.

I would like to draw everybody’s notice to Rule 7(b) of the club rules which states:-

MAINTENANCE OF DINGHY PARK. Trailers, launching trolleys and any other equipment must be parked within the berth space allocated by the Beachmaster. Any trailers, launching trolleys or other equipment left in any other part of the boat park without specific authority of the Beachmaster, will be deemed to be the property of CSC, and may be removed by the Beachmaster or his appointed representative. The Beachmaster and the Commodore may dispose of any such equipment as they consider appropriate, and any proceeds of the disposal will accrue to the club funds.

If you have a problem with this please contact the Beachmaster,  Hugh Farrington.

Thanks Everybody

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