Colemere was a very Cold Mere yesterday

Not wanting to let a bit of snow and ice put us off sailing, 5 turned up at Colemere on Sunday, eager to get on the water.


Matt, particular brave (suffering from a sports injury), was on crutches with his lower leg in a very fancy support. He commented that is was “only a torn achilles tendon, and how many legs to you need to sail anyway ?”. Pete Williams said he would rig up some buoyancy around the crutches so that they wouldn’t sink if Matt capsized.


We stood around, chatted and admired the scenery. Coincidentally we all offered to stand in as duty officers. I don’t think it had anything to do with the fact that it was freezing cold, there was no wind and there were some floating sheets of ice on the mere.


It was actually a lovely bright, but cold day. Just not a good one for sailing.


Pictured below, Hugh, Peter, Tony, Matt and me. Hugh is the one who can walk on water.

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One comment on “Colemere was a very Cold Mere yesterday
  1. Tom says:

    I have one thing to add: you’re all mad!