First Day of Sailing at Colemere

Sunday 14th March. A nice bright day but the wind was quite fresh. So fresh that many were reluctant to venture onto the water. Hugh had a brief voyage of discovery in his Solo to see what the conditions were like. He decided, quite sensibly, the wind was a bit too lively for him. I had decided not to sail my standard Laser and instead I rigged the club laser with the 4.7 sail (small one). Mike Harris also rigged his laser with a 4.7 sail.


At 12 noon, we did start a race and managed to sail one lap of the course which had been set by OODs Mike Brain and Owen Atkinson. Shortly after the first lap, Mike Harris unfortunately achieved the first capsize of the season and got his mast stuck in the mud. We abandoned our race but stayed out on the water planing across the wind and generally enjoying ourselves.


No second race. The wind was gaining in strength and we decided we had had enough excitement for one day. Didn’t want to push our luck.


Paul Bullock
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