Giant Killer Hornet Hibernating in Harris Home


What’s this got to do with sailing?

Well, when Mike Harris (accomplished Laser sailor, and father to top Laser sailor, Tom) went to investigate strange noises eminating from his loft, this is what he found.

Tom captured the picture above, placing the insect next to a 3 metre rule. You can see the true size of the scary specimen ! At least I think it is a 3 metre rule ? The hornet will be starring in the next episode of Doctor Who.

Not put off by one scary encounter, Mike and Tom then went sailing on a windy day at Colemere.


Sunday 23rd October.

Ist race in the Snowflake Series.

Not many attendees (possibly put off by the gale force winds predicted)

Myself, Mike H and Tom all sailing Laser Radials and all capsizing, some more than others. No names mentioned, but those who did the most of the capsizing, names ended in Harris.

Expert Solo sailors Rob Sears and Peter Williams managed to avoid a dunking and took 1st and 2nd place.

The second race wasn’t sailed but new member Rex Carson with two of his youngsters as crew, reefed the sail of their Wanderer and had what looked like a very enjoyable sail. Tom also tested the conditions and in hindsight we all could have sailed in a second race.


The time wasn’t wasted and with a bit of assistance, Bosun Peter Williams, removed a bit more silt from under the boathouse. The sandbags were removed allowing us to flood the “dry dock” and although the water level of Colemere is still very low, we managed to get the rescue boat back into its secure normal position.

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3 comments on “Giant Killer Hornet Hibernating in Harris Home
  1. matt says:

    Apologies for missing out on the ‘excitement’ – slight case of a ‘stomach infection’ making me a little fragile.How did the Harris’ train the wasp to lie by the side of the ruler?

  2. Paul Bullock says:

    I think it was just having a nap.

  3. Tommy Harris says:

    Matt, I think your status as a ‘real man sailor’ will have to be reviewed at the next AGM…