Help wanted and a few points raised from latest Committee Meeting

from Honorary-Secretary Felicity

We all know there are plenty of thrill seekers in the club but does anyone like heights?  The roof is attracting a thatch of moss which Bosun, Pete Williams would like to remove.  Would anyone like to volunteer to help him by going up onto the roof and doing this?

Also could all Officers of the Day and their Assistants please check that there is a jet of water out of the back of the engines when they are running as this is vital for cooling the engines.  Please could you also keep the boats clean by mopping them over when it is your turn on duty.

The final request following Sunday’s committee meeting is from the Beachmaster Hugh Farrington.  Please could members help with our boat park rabbit hole problem by filling in holes in their own boat spaces?

Minutes of the meeting have been emailed to all members. Please check your spam if you haven’t received them or contact the secretary.

Honorary-Secretary  Felicity Ramage

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