Ideas for Club Development

We will shortly be holding a Club Development Sub- Committee meeting and would welcome any ideas from members about ways in which they would like to see the club develop over the next few years.
If you have any ideas which you would like us to consider please forward these by e-mail to Bob Oak within the next two weeks.
Just a brief note (max. Say 50 words) will do initially and we will then contact you for further information if necessary.


Ideas may relate to improvements you would like to see in connection with the clubhouse or grounds,  and also aspects such as the organisation of sailing or any other matter which you feel is important to you or your family.


In recent years we have taken on board several ideas which have helped to make the club more attractive to families with young children. These have included the new side entrance within the fenced lawn area,  improving the maintenance of the lawn and dinghy park to reduce build-up of geese droppings etc., and improvements to the kitchen, changing rooms and ‘bosun’s locker’. Several of these improvements have been carried out by the Working Party members during February and March prior to the start of the year’s sailing.


Cost is obviously a major limitation but any ideas or suggestions that you may have will be much appreciated and given careful consideration.
This is your club and your views matter!


Regards –
Bob Oak     ( Commodore)          
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