Introducing Training Events


From Sailing Captain Rob Sears


The yearbooks are on the way to you as I write this.  When you get them have a look in the diary and you will see 5 Training (T) races.  These are new events and have been introduced due to popular demand.


On the training days we will be starting at 10:00 in the club house with a 30 minute presentation, followed by a 45 minute race starting at 11:00.  During the race, experienced sailors will be on hand in the rescue boats to give you tips and advice.  Please book these dates into your diary now, along with the special event days.  These days are designed to encourage members who don’t normally sail on Sundays to come down and join in.


These sessions are open to all members.  More experienced sailors are welcome to join in so long as you help coach the not so experienced!


28 April – T1.  Presentation: What makes a sailing boat move & how to make it move faster.


9 June – T2.  Presentation: What are all the bits of string in my boat actually for?


7 July – T3. Presentation:  How to sail in light winds / medium winds / strong winds.


4 August – T4. Presentation: How to ensure you get a good start.


8 September – T5.  Presentation: Sailing rules (repeat of last years presentation for those who missed it).


19 May: Spacial Event 1 – Pursuit Race.  Boats start at different times depending on their handicap and the leading boat at the end of the race wins.  Combined with barbeque, etc.


14 July: Special Event 2 – Endurance race.  This will be a 5 hour race.  Teams may enter and boats will have to change crews every hour.  Minimum of 2 crews per team, maximum of 5.  Those who are not sailing will have shore based entertainment + barbeque.


Rob Sears


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