More pictures and video from last Sunday’s event

Some videos from our “official photographer” of the day, Alan Williams who did a splendid job. Also a few “unofficial” pictures taken by Pat (my wife) who would have normally have been my (very reluctant) crew on these occasions. She was incapacitated due to a transverse ligament injury in her foot. The lengths people will go to, in order to avoid sailing with me. By the way, my main halyard snapped just before the start of the second race if you were wondering what happened to me.

A very successful day though. I counted 24 boats taking part and there were 14 different classes represented. Hugh, Mike and Rob would also have normally been sailing so that would have increased our boat count. They had to valiantly sacrifice their day’s sailing for the sake of the Club.

Thanks also goes to all those who helped in any way during the day, both on and off the water.


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2 comments on “More pictures and video from last Sunday’s event
  1. Mike Brain says:

    Terrific Day – Paul & Alan – terrific job with the photos, videos and Blogg – nice to have professionals around.

    Also Many thanks to every Officer of the Club and every member (too many to list) who contributed to the success of the day

  2. Hugh Farrington says:

    My thanks to all who took part or contributed in even the smallest way to make the day a success. Lovely photos and videos, well done Alan, Pat and Paul.