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  1. John A Clark says:

    Hi Paul thanks for the report and to you and Stephen for setting the course even though it obviously put Lasers at a disadvantage. Thanks also for not disqualifying me for colliding with every boat on the mere. (results were as you reported – I’ve updated the spreadsheet which shows that currently I am ahead in the club John Clark/e series.

  2. Bob Harland says:

    Great set of photos and a nice write up Paul.We are a bit concerned that there is another boat with two sails at the front of the fleet.For some crazy reason the Wayfarer PY got degraded this year +2 to 1101. Little consolation that the laser also went +2 to 1080, because those Solos (and Enterprise) are unchanged.I wonder if it’s time to apply a special Colemere Handicap against the Solos?Anyway we will be dusting W7658 down and bringing her out of winter hibernation soon.bob

  3. Mike Harris says:

    Great post Bob most sensible suggestion i’ve heard in along time. by the way my capsize was before the start (just testing)

  4. Steve Murphy says:

    Thanks Paul. It was our first time sailing the Enterprise and William and Luke’s first ever experience at racing, so quite a day. Great pics.

  5. Paul Bullock says:

    With ref to Yardsticks for Laser & Wayfarer. If it has changed +2 for those, doesn’t it mean it’s better for us Laser & Wayfarer sailors ? Or have I got it wrong? Not sure what we used last Sunday, results may need to be changed.

  6. Hugh Farrington says:

    The +2 on the Laser and Wayfarer handicaps is to the disadvantage of the Solos. We only have 4mins 10secs difference now between Lasers and Solos. I haven’t worked out the difference between the Solos and the Wayfarer

  7. Mike Brain says:

    Noted the remarks about the change of Yardstick for the Lasers – always said the laser sailors needed all the help they could get!!- Still I’m sure the Solos will continue to triumph – at least until I’m able to sail again then I’m sure I will ruin the averages

  8. Paul Salisbury says:

    Looks like some good sailing this weekend, sorry I missed it! Looking forward to completing my winter refit, which is quickly becoming the "spring" refit and if I’m not carefull a "summer" refit too!

  9. Steve Murphy says:

    Great pics Hugh, I have already uploaded one or two onto my FB profile

  10. Steve Millington says:

    You were lucky there Paul, when my laser mast snapped it went at the upper & lower joint, so taking the sail with it!Blaze has almost recovered from major surgery so hope to have it back on the water very soon

  11. Tom Harris says:

    You were obviously trying too hard there Paul!

  12. Steve Locke says:

    I’M HOOKED ON SAILING DINGHY RACING NOW. Just like to say a big thank you, to you all on sunday, for getting me started in dinghy racing, also thank you for all the encouragement I received, I tried my very best to keep out of the way, sorry to those of you who had to dodge around me slighly, but I really enjoyed my-self, even though I finished last on a retirement,(my fault I filled with water) I never got chance to thank our OOD, I thought the course was great, thanks Rob & to your father. Cant wait untill next week!!!!!

  13. Mike Brain says:

    Hi all – just a note to express my unbounded admiration for the REAL MEN who sailed on Sunday – however I find it interesting to note that after the first race you all went home to join the INTELLIGENT MEN who checked the weather forcast, stuck their heads out of the door – then stayed at home!!cheersMike

  14. Hugh Farrington says:

    REAL MEN can’t do the impossible and spirit themselvees from Greece to Colemere when there is aood breeze. We had better wind in Greece so I enjoyed myself there. And it was hotter

  15. Rob Sears says:

    Tom, have a look at Appendix E of the racing rules "Radio Controlled Boat Racing Rules" – this is serious stuff!

  16. Paul Bullock says:

    I really enjoyed my day’s sailing today. Thanks, Clare & Bob. For once, I probably capsized less than most.

  17. Hugh says:

    Just looked at the Met Office web site. It was gusting 30mph.

  18. Hugh says:

    They have had radio controlled lasers at the London Boat show. I don.’t know if they will have them next year though.

  19. Tom says:

    I see the rules are very strictly serious with these! Maybe we should invest in a fleet for the not-so-windy days or lunchtimes?

  20. Matt Gilbert says:

    I noticed a slight element of sarcasm in the comment about me completing a full race (which I won). The reason I rarely complete a race, or, alternatively, don’t try very hard is because I am undisputably the greatest sailor in the Club and if I always sailed to my full potential everybody else would get dispirited and not turn up, hence why I normally pretend to be complete rubbish or retire just before I can’t resist sailing through the fleet to another famous victory. However, it is nice to remind people of my ability every now and then!

  21. Paul Bullock says:

    Ha, ha. ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing). I think I might have mentioned before. It’s not the winning that counts it’s about taking part.

  22. Steven Murphy says:

    We had planned to attend and race, but the 20+mph winds forecast changed my mind – just too much for us in the Ent. Looks like we made a good call! We sailed Saturday 28th Aug, Luke & Wills going "solo" for the first time in one of the Picos. We seemed to have selected the best day for sure.

  23. Tom says:

    Yes it was enough sailing I think! Couldn’t see where I was going at some points because I was blinded by the spray!

  24. Tom says:

    I have one thing to add: you’re all mad!

  25. Chris Newman says:

    The wonders of the internet! I have loved reading through your blog, I sailed at Colemere in the ’60/70’s with my parents and sisters and have many fond memories. The club looks and sounds just as great as I remember it!

  26. Paul Bullock says:

    Thanks for the comment Chris. Nice to here from past members. Don’t know if there are others out there also reading our blog? We hope it gives a good insight in the general happenings at the Club and reflects the humour and friendliness of the members.

  27. notacloudinthe says:

    Paul,<div><br></div><div>Do you have Chris' email address. I know him very well and would like to make contact.</div><div><br></div><div>Many thanks</div><div><br></div><div>Steve<br><br></div>

  28. Chris Newman says:

    Steve.It would be good to hear from you, I’m receiving updateds to my e mail but I don’t know whether you will have access to my address. If you don’t prehaps you could leave a message hear on how we may be able to make contact.Chris.

  29. Steven Murphy says:

    Chris, hope that you are well. It would be good to catch up after so many years. Please drop me line using the email address above.RegardsSteve

  30. Steven Murphy says:

    email address (I thought that it would be published with the above post)

  31. Mike harris says:

    Presumably we have plugged any holes?

  32. Mike Harris says:

    Interesting comment on the Chelmarsh "facebook" to the effect that Solos are now as fast as Lasers (modern build methods?) so shouldn’t the yardsticks be closer?

  33. Tom says:

    Can I please have a ride in this Matt? Preferably in stupidly windy conditions! How does this compare with a Vago/L.2000 then?

  34. Bob Oak says:

    The super video clip from Tom Harris of last Thursday’s race puts the Blog into another league.I mentioned, light heartedly, in my ‘Commodore’s address’ at the Xmas dinner last year that we would soon reach a point where we would no longer need to race as we could experience it all on the Blog site!Commodore

  35. Mike Brain says:

    Howw do I delete the second picture of me!!

  36. matt says:

    Apologies for missing out on the ‘excitement’ – slight case of a ‘stomach infection’ making me a little fragile.How did the Harris’ train the wasp to lie by the side of the ruler?

  37. Paul Bullock says:

    I think it was just having a nap.

  38. Tommy Harris says:

    Matt, I think your status as a ‘real man sailor’ will have to be reviewed at the next AGM…

  39. Hugh Farrington says:

    Perhaps he was praying!

  40. Tom says:

    Proof there that we definitely need a more powerful rescue boat!!

  41. Matt says:

    I am surprised by the allegation that I was asleep whilst sailing – I will be contacting my solicitor’s.However, if I was asleep, then it merely demonstrates what a brilliant, naturally gifted, sailor I am, because the picture shows a boat that is being skillfully sailed at great speed!

  42. Paul Bullock says:

    I agree with Matt. I think it is very similar to how, in Star Wars, when Obi-Wan Kenobi is teaching Luke Skywalker to use the light sabre, blindfolded.You just need to "feel the force" or "feel the wind" in this case.

  43. Matt says:

    I should like to object to two libellous allegations:a) that I was ever in the lead andb) that I lead Miles off erroneously to Bay.This is clearly a case of mistaken identity, in both respects the ‘perpetrator’ was Mr R Sears – expert sailor, but with no sense of direction.For my part I languished in a very Christmassy last place, gifting others the chance of winning a nice trophy, until the ‘thrill’ of sailing in damn all wind became too much for me and I headed for home, and then laughed my head off as the remaining competitors sat, barely moving, in the middle of the Mere with the rain pouring down!Best wishes to everyone for the New Year.

  44. Mike Harris says:

    Does it have a drinks cabinet?

  45. Paul B says:

    Amazing! In 4 days.

  46. Mike Brain says:

    All credit to Commodore Hugh who has ‘managed’ this project throughout

  47. Rob Sears says:

    The official time trial is across the line at Limit, round Island & back to limit. The old boat took 2 mins (with a good run-up at the start). Do we have a new record yet?

  48. John Styles says:

    Very impressive- well done all those concerned in making this happen.

  49. Mike Brain says:

    Hi – nice pictures.
    What Paul neglected to add to his report was that it was his Birthday (the big 60) and to celebrate he brought down beer and cakes for all sailing – very nice and very acceptable. The beer at lunch must have worked wonders ‘cos I sailed much better in the after lunch race!
    Happy Birthday Paul!!

  50. Steve locke says:

    Great Photos, Thanks Alan, Thanks everyone.

  51. Steve locke says:

    Fantastic day Thanks all

  52. Steve locke says:

    Yes I agree WELL DONE HUGH!

  53. Steve locke says:

    Thanks for a great day Rob,Tom and crew of ood’s

  54. Felicity Ramage says:

    Great photos – thanks. Thanks to everyone who brought food and helped on the day. Especial thanks to Shirley Brain and Sharon Locke who worked hard all day looking after the catering.

    Well done Hugh and Mike B.

  55. Mike Brain says:

    Terrific Day – Paul & Alan – terrific job with the photos, videos and Blogg – nice to have professionals around.

    Also Many thanks to every Officer of the Club and every member (too many to list) who contributed to the success of the day

  56. Hugh Farrington says:

    My thanks to all who took part or contributed in even the smallest way to make the day a success. Lovely photos and videos, well done Alan, Pat and Paul.

  57. Nick Edmunds says:

    looks like you had a fantastic day – sorry i could not be there on the day. Dinghy sailing a bit more dangerous out here in SA when you have crocs and hippos! Only joking!

  58. Bob Oak says:

    Thanks Paul – the photo of me crewing for you has special value for me, as it is the one and only time I have sailed this year!
    I hope to sail a bit more regularly again next year and please put me on your list of volunteer occasional crew members for 2014.

  59. Matt Gilbert says:

    I have, as always, many happy memories of sailing at Colemere this year, crewing for you is not high on the list, far too dangerous. However, I do now realise there is a God, because we didn’t capsize!

    I, too, can offer trips in a two man boat for 2014 – RS Vision is not so uncomfortable for the crew (and not yet capsized!), you have competition!

  60. John Cheslett says:

    It’s fair to say I have a lot to learn sailing my Phantom and even more sailing her in Colemere’s fickle winds but what she did do from the moment I climbed aboard was put a huge grin on my face.
    The only thing I can compare it too was the first time I rode a really good quality mountain bike and it just felt right.
    Yardstick apart the Phantom is a single handed single sail dinghy for the larger helm. I could have gone down the Laser route and balanced my body weight with the Rooster rig but my creaky chassis doesn’t find the Laser cockpit a pleasent place to be and the Phantom has room for an ice bucket and sun lounger.

  61. Mike says:

    All credit to Richard for excellent pics & video in difficult circumstances. Given the wind, waves and spray the small safety boat does not make a very stable platform for making movies!

  62. Hugh Farrington says:

    A super days sailing but the accolades go to Sharon and Steve Locke for the fantastic spread which they put on for lunch. Well done to both of them.

  63. Mike Brain says:

    Absolutely Brilliant!!!

  64. Steve Murphy says:

    Love it Paul, looking forward to lots more!

  65. Felicity Ramage says:

    Ian and I will verify that Paul did sail. A VERY quick circuit around P and L! Felicity

  66. Ellen says:

    A lovely evening, thank you to all involved in organising it.

  67. Pete Williams says:

    Ellen did the first coat of white and I did the second, no way should I get the credit for the white background. Well done Tom you have done a great job of the red and black, also the hedge looks tidy now

  68. Paul B says:

    Thanks Pete. I’ll amend the text.

  69. Mike says:

    Fantastic! Looking terrific, an enormous amount of work so far well done Peter and the team

  70. Steve Murphy says:

    What do the initials stand for, any ideas? It does look fabulous

  71. Felicity says:

    It looks fantastic – I’ll look forward to viewing it from the water! Great work.

  72. Mike says:

    Hi All just to advise that Chris Marshall has donated the £25 he won by guessing the length of Matt’s speech to Children in need – well done Chris!

  73. mike Brain says:

    Nice piece Paul very sad about Stephen, a lovely guy. I was on duty all those years ago when Stephen & Jennifer first visited the club. We were a bit taken aback when they launched his tiny folding boat and sailed of across the lake. Became a bit concerned when the boat hove too in the bay by Capsize, and the sail came down. Thinking they were in trouble, we jumped into the safety boat and (quite slowly in those days) hurried across to offer assistance. On arrival we found they had anchored, spread a cloth over the central thwart and were having a picnic, complete with wine! Stephen, a real character!

  74. Mike Brain says:

    Was a beautiful morning on the water, but Got to admit, Mike Barrett did most of the work, and pulled all the buoys.