Report from Matt on yacht OofleDust

Sunday 0014 (when  all sensible people should be fast asleep)
Just come on watch (until 3.00 am), 38 hours into the trip and beginning to
get used to the strange hours.  Slow progress south so far, now west of the
Sahara/Mauritania, but the wind is beginning to pick up and hopefully  we’ll
make better progress, and get the right wind to turn west before long. For
those  that are interested, current position 24 59 N, 18 07 W, course 200,
10 knots, can’t see a thing in the pitch black, but doesn’t matter because
not a lot out here.
Weather hot in the sun, but still have to wrap up warm at night, but as we
get further south that should change quickly. I imagine your weather is just
the same.
Huge gang of dolphins yesterday, but so far little else.


You can also see more about the voyage on
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