Sometimes you just have to go sailing!

From Felicity Ramage

Sometimes you just have to go sailing – even if there is no wind.  With my lovely new Byte C1 to try out, today was one of those days.  With lots of interest and advice, I puzzled over the ‘strings’ and ‘fiddly bits’ (Byte technical terms) for quite a while and thanks to Carol who is an expert on ‘fiddly bits’ being a Byte sailor herself, finally got her set up to go.  Then Mike (Barrett), being an observant scout type, noticed a bit lying on the grass which turned out to be quite important so everything had to come apart again to put that bit in.

 At last I was off, well I floated away, towards the small area of wind around Capsize.  It was great to be out on beautiful Colemere in the sun, playing with all the controls, totally relaxed and smiling.  I just need some wind next time to really find out what she is really like!

 I even had my own photographer! Thanks very much Paul.


P.S. Just had this from Richard

Attached are a couple of pics of what she did next. After giving up on the Byte, due to lack of wind, here she is apparently trying to camouflage the safety boat!

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