Start of Sailing 2018 – Sunday 25th March

Slightly late for our first sail of the season and Rigging Party this year. All down to the adverse weather on Sunday 18th March which was the date it all planned to happen. We had to postpone.

It was worth waiting for. A nice sunny day, not too cold and a gentle breeze on the lake. At least 12 of us took to the water for this first outing of the season. A sociable lunch (bring and share style) was a welcome intermission between the two races. On the menu, courtesy of the membership, was soup, bread, quiche, sausage rolls and pork pies amongst other delicacies. I think there was still a table of food to feed five thousand (well nearly) when we’d finished.

Thanks to Pete, Ellen and Tim for setting and running the races, and keeping us safe.

Graham Edwards took some pictures of the sailing below.

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