Start of Sailing March 2017

Well, it was a wild start to the sailing season on Sunday. A bit too wild for most, but there were a few who decided to dip their toes in the water. Not put off by the conditions, Rob Windsor was first to show us how it was done ! Closely followed by younger member Ryan Cushing and then his dad, Martin. Myself and Tom were in the fourth boat (and last) on the lake.

Not surprisingly, all four boats capsized at least once during their outings. Ryan said he had lost count how many times he went over, but he was still smiling. It was decided that conditions weren’t really suitable for racing but Helen, Tony and Rob kept us safe by standing by with the safety boats. Apologies that no pictures available for Rob W, Ryan and Martin but Tony sent me some action images taken on his phone from the safety boat, of myself and Tom, during our first capsize recovery of the season. Not sailing, but getting some very useful advice from Brian and Nick, was new member Keith, rigging his boat in preparation for the sailing year.

Meanwhile, in the Clubhouse the log fire was blazing away. A fantastic bring and share lunch, with hot soup, was enjoyed by all. Not exactly sure who did all the work but I know Mike, Shirley, Ellen and Meryl were involved. Thanks to all who helped and brought food for us to share.

After lunch, gluttons for punishment, me and Tom ventured out, briefly. This time, with video camera attached. Edited, highlights are below. Looking forward to many more memorable sails in coming year.


 If the video below seems very poor quality try this link to YouTube. I’m trying to work out why!


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