Stephen’s Enterprise needs varnishing !

From Stephen Corcoran

Stephen Corcoran has suddenly realised that he no longer has the stamina to varnish the upper works of his Enterprise:but the wretched boat still needs it.

A good job would be to strip the old varnish and start again.  But at my age an adequate job, of sanding and varnishing the exposed wood and generally making good would suffice.  I am quite willing to pay for either.  I lack energy more than money.  And the better the paint job, the higher the re-sale value!  But time is important.  I do not know how many more seasons I can enjoy, and want to get in there.  So I am willing to pay for a professional or an amateur job, to be completed by the end of April, and hopefully sooner.  Does anyone have any suggestions or offers?  The boat can be viewed at my bungalow, The Oaks, SY13 3HU (easy if you have satnav) almost any time. A call to 01948710584 will save a wasted journey.


For those who don’t know Stephen or his boat I’ve found some pictures from my library ! Paul


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