Sunday 1st April at Colemere

From Mike Brain


Sunday 1st April and I’m on duty – (I know very appropriate)! ably assisted by Mel Checketts. The day was very still in the morning and once again those members who shall remain nameless but they rhyme with Paris and Bert went home ‘cos there was no wind.


Before we even started racing it seemed like April Fool’s day when a black Labrador swam into the middle of the lake and started going round in circles. Enter intrepid Commodore Hugh! – who took out the dog’s owner in the Club’s safety boat to effect a dramatic rescue!


By 12 noon there was a slight stirring of the breeze and as the first race got under way it wasn’t too bad but a bit fluky. Rob Hugh and Pete took part in Solos together with Ian and Felicity in their Enterprise and Paul in his laser whilst Stephen cruised in his Enterprise. Over Lunch the breeze picked up and and the same participants took to the water with Stephen racing this time, and Roy (in my solo cos he broke his) took the place of Ian and Felicity who had gone home,  Graham Griffiths and Rex & Jane Carson and family cruised. All in all a very pleasant day with lots of sunshine!




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