Sunday 1st August sailing

Headlines of the day.


  • Boat park fence discovered damaged, and Stephen Corcoran’s boat (sea hopper) had been interfered with.
  • Matt sailed a full race and actually won.
  • Tony sailed to the “extreme” and then his Laser mast socket (and deck) disintegrated.
  • Derek capsized.
  • Mike Brain won 2nd race.
  • Peter won 3rd race and then went on to repair damaged section of boat park fence.
  • Duty Officers Tom Harris and Chris Marshall.


Pictures courtesy of Tom Harris.


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2 comments on “Sunday 1st August sailing
  1. Matt Gilbert says:

    I noticed a slight element of sarcasm in the comment about me completing a full race (which I won). The reason I rarely complete a race, or, alternatively, don’t try very hard is because I am undisputably the greatest sailor in the Club and if I always sailed to my full potential everybody else would get dispirited and not turn up, hence why I normally pretend to be complete rubbish or retire just before I can’t resist sailing through the fleet to another famous victory. However, it is nice to remind people of my ability every now and then!

  2. Paul Bullock says:

    Ha, ha. ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing). I think I might have mentioned before. It’s not the winning that counts it’s about taking part.