Sunday Sailing

I was on duty today with Stephen Corcoran.


The wind was reasonable and blowing in the direction of the Capsize buoy from the Clubhouse. With the wind in this direction it meant that about half of the lake was in wind shadow. We had 2 races today, 7 competed in the first race and 8 in the second. From memory (so please don’t sue me if i’m wrong), Martin Cushing won the first race, with Matt Gilbert  2nd and Mike Harris 3rd. New member Steve Murphy with his son William, came 4th in their Enterprise.


In the second race, Matt took the honours, with Martin 2nd and Steve with other son Luke came 3rd. Bosun, Pete Williams came 4th.


Steve’s son, William assisted myself and Stephen in the rescue boat for the second race. Only a few capsizes today but I won’t name names, HF twice and MH once. A wise man once told me ” If you never capsize, you’re not really trying”.


Apologies if I’ve got any of the above wrong.


Some good pictures today. If anyone wants any in full resolution, let me know.


Paul Bullock


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6 comments on “Sunday Sailing
  1. John A Clark says:

    Hi Paul thanks for the report and to you and Stephen for setting the course even though it obviously put Lasers at a disadvantage. Thanks also for not disqualifying me for colliding with every boat on the mere. (results were as you reported – I’ve updated the spreadsheet which shows that currently I am ahead in the club John Clark/e series.

  2. Bob Harland says:

    Great set of photos and a nice write up Paul.We are a bit concerned that there is another boat with two sails at the front of the fleet.For some crazy reason the Wayfarer PY got degraded this year +2 to 1101. Little consolation that the laser also went +2 to 1080, because those Solos (and Enterprise) are unchanged.I wonder if it’s time to apply a special Colemere Handicap against the Solos?Anyway we will be dusting W7658 down and bringing her out of winter hibernation soon.bob

  3. Mike Harris says:

    Great post Bob most sensible suggestion i’ve heard in along time. by the way my capsize was before the start (just testing)

  4. Steve Murphy says:

    Thanks Paul. It was our first time sailing the Enterprise and William and Luke’s first ever experience at racing, so quite a day. Great pics.

  5. Paul Bullock says:

    With ref to Yardsticks for Laser & Wayfarer. If it has changed +2 for those, doesn’t it mean it’s better for us Laser & Wayfarer sailors ? Or have I got it wrong? Not sure what we used last Sunday, results may need to be changed.

  6. Hugh Farrington says:

    The +2 on the Laser and Wayfarer handicaps is to the disadvantage of the Solos. We only have 4mins 10secs difference now between Lasers and Solos. I haven’t worked out the difference between the Solos and the Wayfarer