Thursday Sailing Pictures and a Video !

Some pictures taken by Duty Officer Tom Harris¬†and something a bit different, a video. This movie¬†shows the start of the race. Pay particular attention to the boat in the distance (to the right of the frame) sailed by Chris Marshall. He wasn’t actually in the race but appears to be surprised by the starting hooter. Included in the still pictures are a couple showing Mike Brain in his ‘new’ Solo.

[wpvideo sPC1RX6y]

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2 comments on “Thursday Sailing Pictures and a Video !
  1. Bob Oak says:

    The super video clip from Tom Harris of last Thursday’s race puts the Blog into another league.I mentioned, light heartedly, in my ‘Commodore’s address’ at the Xmas dinner last year that we would soon reach a point where we would no longer need to race as we could experience it all on the Blog site!Commodore

  2. Mike Brain says:

    Howw do I delete the second picture of me!!